Explosion-proof Turbocharger with Water Cooled Turbine Housing for Coal Mine and Oil Field

Why there is explosion-proof turbocharger existing? Fires with the engine turbocharger as the source of ignition is a big concern in such industries like coal mine, shale gas exploitation and oil field exploitation etc.

In some countries, explosion-proof code requirements for some particular environments may be like:
When the explosion-proof diesel engine is running in the underground mine, sparks and flames cannot be generated. The engine surface temperature should not exceed 150°C, and the exhaust temperature should not exceed 70°C.

For the turbocharger, to achieve the explosion-proof requirement of less than 150°C at turbocharger surface temperature, the main issue is how to reduce the surface temperature. And turbine housing usually contributes larger amount of the overall heat, as a result, water cooled turbine housing turbocharger is developed. We call this kind of turbocharger as explosion-proof turbocharger.

OTS has mature experience in design and manufacturing this kind of turbocharger. Currently we can offer water jacketed / water-cooled turbine housing turbocharger from 60KW to 100KG to 120KW to 160KW to 200KW to 250KW, to meet different horse power applications.

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