OTS applies strict quality control system for its turbo products.

Raw Material

OTS uses high quality level raw material for every parts of turbocharger.

1. Turbine Wheel
We use Inconel 713C material from state-owned mills for turbine wheel and the turbine wheel roughcasts are from the original supplier of BorgWarner.

2. Compressor Wheel
Casting compressor wheel-We use high quality material aluminum C355 and the roughcasts are from original supplier of Garrett;
Billet compressor wheel-we use 7075-T6511 from USA, or other material like Kobelco 2618-T6 if client requires.

3. Turbine Housing
We apply Si-Mo alloyed ductile iron for our turbine housings to increase heat resistance for common turbos. Or higher quality material like Ni-resist D5S or stainless steel as clients require.

4. For other parts of turbocharger, we also use high quality material, for example, piston ring we use M2 high speed tooling steel, ceramic ball bearing from Germany for our ball bearing turbos etc

incoming material inspectionIncoming Material Inspection

Though our suppliers have very strict testing and inspection systems, we still conduct equipment testing or manual testing for every batch of incoming material. Meanwhile, we require our supplier to offer COM (Certificate of Material) of every batch of products.


Stable and Skilled Workers-We have most experienced workers joining us for more than 5 years, they are very familiar with our assembly process and requirements.

turbo balancingBalancing-We balance every CHRA before delivery or before assembling them to completed turbocharger.

actuator calibratingActuator Calibrating-We calibrate wastegate actuator of every turbocharger.

VNT calibratingVNT Calibrating-We calibrate nozzle ring of every VNT or VGT turbocharger.

Process Inspection-we conduct inspection after assembly according to assembling drawings.