Aiming at offering turbocharger manufacturing solutions, OTS always offers turbo and turbo parts custom or upgrade service.

One of our customers uses original GTX5533R Gen2 98mm dual ceramic ball bearing turbo for a special industrial application. But due to this special application, the stock billet compressor wheel offen gets damaged and as a result the turbo fails, which causes big expense to the customer.

After rounds of online meetings and technical communications with this customer and deep inspection of the demaged turbo samples, we come to a conclusion that the stock aluminum compressor wheel is not stronge enough for this application. So we come to an agreement of upgrading the compressor wheel by titanium alloy.

Besides, our customer also wants more airflow. So we redesign the compressor wheel from stock 13+0 blades to a new 7+7 baldes one, and we also increase the blade thickness a little to make the wheel even stronger. While we keep the compressor wheel inducer and shaped lines unchanged, so that it can still fits into the stock compressor housing easily as well as to save customer’s cost.

As can be seen in below picture, we also design a seperate lock nut to fasten the titanium compressor wheel to turbine shaft (as stock turbo designs the lock thread as a part of compressor wheel inside the bore). This will make it easy for our customer to unassemble the turbo for repairing. And the turbine shaft length is also extended for locking.

This project has been finished sucessfully, we produced 8 units of the customized wheels at the beginning stage for testing. The new turbo has already been put online, so far, it is performing very well as feedback from our customer. We are excited to get bulk orders.