We finished production of a batch of RHF55 billet compressor wheel and sent to our customer in Thailand with great satisfaction. They match up with RHF55 Turbine Shaft Wheel 48*53mm. Two different sizes are available for this RHF55 performance billet compressor wheel: 48.7mm*65mm and 50*65mm

RHF55 billet compressor wheel

How does OTS Billet Compressor Wheel Win Clients’ Trust?

1. We use raw material 7075 / A7075 aluminium alloy for all billet compressor wheel.

What is the advantages of 7075 aluminum alloy vs 6061?

  • Higher stength, strength of extension ≥560 Mpa
  • Higher wear resistance
  • Better corrosion resistance
  • Better oxidation resistance

billet wheel roughcast

2. We are equipped with advanced 5-axis CNC machines:
Alzmetall GS 800/5-T from Germany
MAKINO from Japan etc

MAKINO from Japan

Alzmetall GS 800/5-T from Germany

3. We use advantage testing equipment to ensure the precision of every billet impeller.

Swiss Made PWB+ tool master Quadra

We use Swiss Made PWB+ tool master Quadra to set tools before every batch of billet wheel machining


We use ZEISS CMM from USA to greatly ensure the accuracy of billet wheel in accordance with 3D drawing. It also helps a lot with new product developping.

air micrometer

Bore size of a billet wheel is critical. We use air micrometer to measure it. The accuracy can be up to 0.1μm.
4. We clean every billet compressor wheel with ultrasonic clearing machine before shipping, to make sure there’re no metal residue or other rubbishes among blades of wheel.